The Ex libris International Triennial



ex libris

Ex libris is the label given to a book that belongs to a library, either private or public. The label “ex libris “, followed by the name of the owner, means “this book belongs to…“ Throughout time, these labels have been transformed by artists into self-contained works of art.

“e-story / The Ex-libris International Triennial” project intends to bring the classic into the contemporary by developing a new concept: ex-libris for e-books.


The exhibition project “e-story / The Ex libris International Triennial” was designed as a continuation of another project called Histories, organized by Arad Museum Complex in collaboration with The Art Manufacturers Association.

The project Histories brings to the public eye five little known stories from Arad city’s past. These fragments of local history are gathered into an e-book which became the starting point/reference/source of inspiration for the participant artist at the ex-libris triennial.

Histories/e-book is both a source of inspiration for the artists and a book in itself where the selected works of art will appear.

Asociatia Producatorilor de Arta


Centrul Municipal de Cultura Arad


Complexul Muzeal Arad


e-story / istorii

e-story / The Ex-libris International Triennial
8th of december – 28th of december 2015

organizer: Asociatia Producatorilor de Arta
financer: Centrul Municipal de Cultura Arad
co-financer: Complexul Muzeal Arad

sponsor: Valvetek