1. The application for “e-story / The Ex libris International Triennial” and the actual production of the ex-libris work itself will be done exclusively on-line on the site dedicated to the triennial (www.e-story.ro) by using the application specifically created for this purpose.

2. The participation to the event is free of charge. Every interested artist can participate with one up to three ex-libris pieces.

3. The subject/theme proposed to the artists is Arad and its more or less known stories, and Histories/ e-book was projected as a starting point for the production of the ex-libris works of art. The participants are encouraged to use as inspiration their own personal history connected to the city of Arad.

4. The ex-libris must be performed for a living person or institution and must contain the text Ex Libris and the name of the institution or person it is dedicated to.

5. The on-line filling of the application for this artistic event means the implicit acceptance of the terms and conditions of this present regulation.


6. The deadline for the application is November 15th 2015.

7. The organisers reserve the right to reproduce or exhibit the pieces presented at “e-story / The Ex libris International Triennial”, for cultural or promotional purposes.

8. After the selection, the jury will award the Triennial Prize worth 500 EUR

9. All the participants will receive the results of the selection on-line. The selected pieces will virtually appear in the digital review of the triennial and will be exhibited on tablets at The Art Museum in Arad and on the event’s web site.

10. At the end of the exhibition, each of the participant artists will get a copy of the event catalogue, where they will be present with one of the exhibited pieces.



e-story / istorii



Organisation Committee:
PhD. Adrian Sandu
Ioan Paul Colta
Calin Man

Chairman of the jury / curator:
PhD. Ileana Selejan

Members of the jury:
Mihai Zgondoiu
Adriana Oprea
George Sabau